Llandudno, Cape Town

Llandudno was spotted in 1903, an unspoiled bay lying close to Camps Bay. The similarity between the bay and the seaside town Llandudno in North Wales were noticed, and hence the bay was named Llandudno. This beautiful area also has some of the most expensive residential real estate in South Africa, and one of the Cape’s most beautiful beaches. The views are spectacular, and the sea aqua blue with pristine white sand. It is a suburb with only one entry and exit point onto the coastal road, and therefore safe and quiet – although popular in the summer with visitors to the beautiful beach.  Llandudno comprises of only freehold properties, with recent buyers in the area ranging from young adult to mature. However, most of the recent sellers in the area have been majority mature, with the remaining sellers being pensioners.  There have been 10 sales in the area in the past 12 months, with an average sales price of R22 440 000.